The project aims at supporting the Polish community and organizations promoting Poland and Polish culture, by providing young Brazilian activists an intense training course held in Poland between 12th and 23rd of August 2014. Participants will gain skills, knowledge and competencies essential for running independent cultural projects, as well as will get acquainted with contemporary Poland and it’s culture. The project, organized by School for Leaders Association, is based on the School for Leaders of the Polish Community Abroad (running from 2009) and the cooperation with young Polish community leaders from different countries of the world. The first edition of the School for Polish Cultural Animators took place in 2013 and was aimed at the citizens of the Russian Federation.

Applications to the project are open until 8th of July – all details available in Polish and Portuguese, as well as on Facebook. The training will be held in Portuguese.

Participation in the project is free of charge. The program is being realized with funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.


Contact person for the project:

Paweł Cieślak – | tel. 22 556 82 62) – in Polish and English

Ewa Potocka – | tel. 22 556 82 60) – in Portuguese


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