HyperSat is a modular, versatile satellite platform that, equipped with specialized instruments, will enable a broad spectrum of space missions, ranging from radar to telecommunication to optical ones.

The HyperSat platform will benefit from the best practices of producing pico- and nanosatellites (called CubeSat), weighing several kilograms, but will be designed to carry larger instruments and apparatus. With its larger size, the use of HyperSat satellites will be significantly wider than that of nanosatellites.

The Creotech product range will consist of replaceable functional modules. In the smallest configuration, the satellite will measure 30x30x10 cm and weigh 10 kg. The system can be expanded to a maximum size of 30x30x60 cm and a weight of 60 kg by adding additional modules or instruments.

Within the Creotech project, a number of modular satellite subsystems will be developed and prepared for integration, including: a carrier structure capable of withstanding the congestion caused by a rocket flight and allowing the assembly of standardized components using the HyperSat BUS, such as a satellite-to-rocket separation subsystem, power subsystem and battery, photovoltaic panel subsystem, radio modulesand antennas.

About the Creotech Instruments S.A

Creotech Instruments S.A. Industry leader of the Polish space sector. The company successfully implements further space projects (mainly for the European Space Agency) and has an appetite for more. Examples of realized space projects include: EXOMARS, EO TESTBED POLSKA, SAT-AIS-PL, ASIM, NEOSTEL, PROBA-3. The ambition of Creotech Instruments S.A. is to become a national micro-satellite integrator by 2020. 

The company also develops other business segments. It offers technologies and utility applications that are used for example by research centers, telecommunication operators and retail chains in Poland and in the world. The electronics and specialist measuring devices manufactured by Creotech are used in the most modern and technologically advanced research institutes in the world, such as the CERN European Nuclear Research Organization in Geneva, the GSI Heavy Ion Research Institute and the DESY Research Center in Germany


More information you can find on: Creotech Instruments S.A.

Photos © Anna Karahan


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