The International Day of Mother and Child, starring actress Ewa Blaszczyk, will be held on the 25th May 2015 in Bath  All proceeds from the event will be donated to the foundation established by Ewa Blaszczyk: “AKogo?”.

It is a cultural event combined with a day of joy for children and presentations and business. It aims to integrate the Poles with the local community – because it is an international event.

The main point of the event is supporting the foundation that built the “Budzik” (Alarm Clock) clinic for children in traumatic comas. At the clinic, in just a few months, 18 children woke up!

Assisting such an organisation is beyond a good deed – it is an investment. Sure, it also offers advertising for companies beyond the current event. In the future, however, much bigger projects will be organised, featuring stars of Polish and English fame.

The programme of the event:

  •  meeting and an interview with Ewa Blaszczyk, actress and “AKogo?” Foundation’s Founder
  •  sports competitions with the football academy SFC Bath – friendly English club
  •  TBR Breaking School – breakdance class with finalists of the “You Can Dance”
  • fire truck
  • bouncy castle and playground
  • face painting and tattoos for children
  • Taekwondo by the Polish Club “White Eagle”
  • barbecue
  • raffle
  • children’s music hits

and much more…

Please come and join us!


More information on: The International Day of Mother and Child 


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