The goal of the contest is to design and build a Small Wind Turbine, which has optimal power production in a pre-specified wind regime. In their designs, the teams should, consider safety and cost efficiency, as well as an emergency brake systems which is mandatory and last but not least the teams  should consider esthetics of the design.  Extra features, like monitoring of the turbine conditions are also appreciated.


The international Small Wind Turbine contest has two phases. One is the design phase, in which the teams should write a report in which they describe their design choices, based on theoretical research. In this report they give a description of the electronic systems, safety systems, provide insight in the affordability, provide mathematic evidence of the turbines capability of withstanding certain load cases etc. If the design reports passes the assessment of the design review committee,  the teams can progress to the next phase. The design review committee is formed by independent experts from the Wind energy industry.

The next phase and the contest is the build phase. The teams will now realize their designs. As a finale of this phase, the small wind turbines will be put to the test in the wind tunnel at the Technical University in Delft. For a few days, the wind tunnel at the Technical University in Delft will be used to test the performance of the competing small turbines, the turbines will first be inspected on electronics safety and mechanical safety systems, then their turbines will be tested in the wind tunnel. The power output of the turbines is measured and the goal is to get the best power output.

On the last day of contest week, the teams which have tested their turbines in Delft, will move to the NHL University of Applied Sciences for a final symposium where they can present their creations to an audience. Here a jury of Wind energy experts will assess the presentations, together with their performance in the tunnel and their initial design report to conclude a final winner of the contest.

Opening International Small Windturbine Contest 2016



Source: NHL Hogeschool


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