Rafał Bauer is a long distance walker. He takes part in ultramarathons (100 km in 24 hours) and he undertakes lonely traverses of wild areas in Northern Europe. He has already crossed the whole of Scotland along the Cape Wrath Trail, the Yorkshire Dales Nature Reserve, the Cambrian Mountains, the Brecon Beacons, the Lake District and the Abisko National Park. His is the laureate of the international DoGooder Award presented every year by YouTube. He also writes a blog where he describes his projects and expeditions: I o to chodzi.

A lonely traverse of Island will be another challenge that Rafał set up for himself.

Iceland was always a mystical place for me. A distant and unavailable country that made me want to take up the challenge, which may seem impossible, even more. This will be the biggest test for me – says Rafał Bauer.

His route goes through such places as a very difficult volcanic dessert, where the right equipment and proper planning play a crucial role.

For two days I will have no access to water because any amount of water that may come with the rain is immediately absorbed by dried lava and volcanic dust – Rafał explains.

The success of his expedition will mean a record in a lonely traverse of Iceland with no support from outside. Any help from people (starting from anyone holding his backpack to accepting Icelanders’ accommodation offer) would wreck his chance to beat the record. For 13 days Rafał will have to rely on himself and so physical and mental preparations before the expedition are so important. Endurance training and long distance walks with some ballast on his back are his everyday life now.

The expedition would not be possible without the sponsors: Leica Camera Poland, Malachowski Alpine Workshop and SupraSat.

The expedition can be followed on the following websites:  I o to chodzi  | FB  and  Link to PolandNational Geographic TravelerTVP Info  (media patrons) and the Polish Embassy in Reykjavik (honorary patron).


Read also an interview with Rafał a few hours before facing the challenge:

The fastest solo crossing of Iceland – Rafał Bauer heads out on 13-day journey


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