What is the main objective of the programme?

To enable Polish scientists to return to their country and take up employment in Polish higher education institutions or research units. The programme will create optimal conditions for Returning Scientists to conduct in Poland world-class research.

What costs are covered?
  • remuneration of the Returning Scientist (for a period of 36-48 months) along with employer costs;
  • remuneration for two members of the Project Group (for a period of
    36-48 months) along with employer costs;
  • costs of relocation and adaptation of the workplace.

The task of the Returning Scientist is to create his own Project Group and apply for grants to Polish and international research funding institutions, as well as to conduct and disseminate research results in renowned scientific journals or to conduct development/implementation work. As part of projects financed in the programme, the Applicants plan research activities to be carried out during the project. The Returning Scientist will also be able to support the host institution by combining research

Requirements to join the Returning Scientists programme

The Returning Scientist: 

  • has Polish citizenship 
  • holds at least the PhD degree at the time of submitting the application is not employed in Poland 
  • returns to the country after at least two years of documented employment at a higher education institution abroad / at a research or scientific institute / at a research department of a foreign enterprise based outside of Poland 
  • conducted research, didactic or other scientific activity during his/her stay outside Poland for at least two full years (in the period counted from the beginning of 2014) 

The two-year period since the Returning Scientist’s departure from Poland must end no later than on June 4, 2018.



For more information about Polish Returns programme, please visit: Polish Returns


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