Polish Global Language Foundation is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to promote education, health and social care in India. Through the realization of the foreign short-term volunteer programs, Poles of all ages, regardless of education, share their time and talents with the people under the charge of Indian organizations.

Important activities of the Foundation are their voluntary expeditions to India, in which each participant helps solve social problems, through personal involvement. Close relations with the people, joint activities of local crafts, sculpture, painting, dancing, cooking, working on the farms and involvement in their construction, helping with homework, as well as playing various games outdoors, are just some of the deeds taken by volunteers during their visits to India, which typically last from two to four weeks. Thanks to such engagement every day you can become close with the people, get to know their culture and family traditions and customs, and find out more than it is mentioned in the guidebooks.

Currently, the Global Language Foundation carries out projects with partner Indian foundations in New Delhi and Neyyar Dam in the southern state of Kerala.

Anyone can be a volunteer, regardless of whether you are 20, 30 or 50. It is important to enjoy helping people on the other side of the world and try to identify yourself with the ambitions, since  volunteer work is the best investment in yourself and others.

When can you leave?

The Foundation operates in India throughout the year, volunteers go in small groups, and they are currently located in New Delhi. The volunteers can still join from 2-20 August and also in November.

Moreover, the Foundation intends to create a Centre for Social Initiatives in India for children and women and has already taken steps in this direction. The initiative requires big financial involvement and that is why it kindly seeks any form of support. Every penny is a huge step towards the realization of this project.

BOŚ Bank Branch in Gdansk, account number: 82 1540 1098 2095 9113 3438 0003

Help the Foundation educate children and women, cure the sick and the homeless, and create greater happiness.



Photo © Eliza Taworska

More information on:  Global Language Foundation or FB

Contact: fundacja@globallanguage.pl



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