The main premise of Polish Social Network is to create a friendly platform enabling for the efficient exchange of information, experiences and curiosities. The variety of categories and sources of information provides the full picture of issues interesting to the Polish-American community, contributing to a better understanding and integration.

The main advantage of the service is the ease to co-create this platform. Each registered user, depending on preference, creates their own thematic panels, to which can be added personal contents such as photos, videos or materials by automatically selecting the image with the link to the page from  which it comes. Service users are also able to comment on other users, which encourages the exchange of ideas and networking . The clear categorization suited to the subject and the location makes the site  more attractive for the global promotion of the content posted.

An additional advantage of the functionality of the service is based on the use of technology RWD, which service adapts to mobile devices, which influences in clear view in presented contents.

We encourage to co-create to the service Polish Social Network


Source: TVP


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