As usual, the fannish, academic, and professional perspectives blend together as participants are invited to attend and discuss all things serialized during numerous lectures, debates, and workshops. Programme includes talks given by critics, journalists, academics, bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers, as well as professionals who will share their experience of creating TV productions. We will hear from professionals from both sides of the camera – actors, scriptwriters, directors, and producers alike – who will share the behind the scenes view of a TV production process. And when it gets dark and the talks and workshops will end, we invite you to watch cult and new TV series and take part in Q&A sessions with their creators.

SerialCon is not just about the most popular shows, but it also takes on various genres and types of serialized fiction, trends, and phenomena, and their evolution. This year we focus on topics such as creating quality fictional themes, diversity on TV screens, women in crime TV shows, an Alien as a metaphor of social issues and stereotypes in portraying terrorists. We will have an opportunity to meet Christian Wikander, the producer of cult Bridge; Game of Throne’s Joseph Mawle, actress Susan Wokoma, screenwriter Tom de Ville and producer and script consultant Andrew Ellard. As usual, we will also meet some of the leading Polish pop culture bloggers.

We will also watch Polish series such as Chyłka – Zaginięcie, Odwróceni. Ojcowie i córki and Ślepnąc od świateł – and two premiere screenings: of the first episode of the second series of Pod powierzchnią TVN and pilot episode of new supernatural show Wizjonerka. There will be also the screening of a famous German TV film Bauhaus and all four parts of the newest animation based on one of the lost Doctor Who episodes – The Macra Terror from 1967.

SerialCon is free to all attendees. You only need to get free ticket and book place on workshops before the event.

SerialCon 2019 schedule can be found here | You can get a ticket here

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