This year marks the fourth edition of the oldest Polish event devoted solely to television shows and the first one held under the name CANAL+ SerialCon. The fan, academic and professional perspectives blend together as participants are invited to attend and discuss all things serialized during numerous talks, debates, workshops and lectures. Programme includes talks given by critics, journalists, academics, bloggers, podcasters and youtubers. We will hear from professionals from both sides of the camera – so actors, scriptwriters, directors and producers alike – who will share the behind the scenes view of a TV production process.

CANAL+ SerialCon is not just about particular shows, but it also takes on various genres and types of serialized fiction. This year we focus on the current developments of Polish TV and on topics such as “Utopias, Dystopias and Visions of the Future” and “Nostalgia and the Cult TV Shows.” The creators of both “Belfer” and “Belle Epoque” have already confirmed their appearance. Audiences can also look forward to exciting international guests, as well as to getting acquainted with some of the leading Polish pop culture bloggers such as Pulpozaur team, Zwierz popkulturalny and Mysza Movie.

CANAL+ invites everyone to join the overnight marathon screenings, featuring:

– “Belfer,” a crime show starring Maciej Stuhr,

– a pre-release screening of the 2nd season of a French blockbuster “Versailles,” which premieres on CANAL+ on 18th of May.

CANAL+ SerialCon is free to all attendees. All events included in the programme are held in MOS/Arteteka WBP in Kraków/Pauza In Garden and ARS Cinema venues.


More information about SerialCon on: OFFCamera | FB


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