If you are NOT satisfied with your current job, then it is time for a change.

Have you learned Dutch well? Did you work for one or more employers and you are not satisfied with the current state of affairs? Then the time has come for a change! Do you want another, better job? Did you mature mentally to make this decision? If the answer is YES then get to work!

You can certainly do it. Dutch employees have learnt that Poles can work well, efficiently and conscientiously. A new job will not come out of the blue, though.

You have to put time and determination in to find it. You should also prepare an action plan to do it properly. A lot of hints and advice can be found on the internet. Each situation is different, though, so it is good to have your own coach to help.

I can hear the protests already – that it is too expensive and you can do it yourself. Have you ever noticed that athletes who achieve outstanding results have good and experienced coaches by their side?

It is an open secret which everyone knows, but no one speaks of it out loud. The cost of a coach is an expense or, to put it more positively, it is your investment. Let us analyse whether this expense is worthwhile.

Look at it from different perspective and it turns out that it is a profitable investment in yourself. Here’s proof: you work about 1,800 hours per year. If your hourly wage is increased by merely €1 in your new job, the income increases annually by €1,800. After deducting the expense of €325 for coaching, you are left with at least €1,475 in your pocket. Depending on how you settle with the tax office, you may have more money left. In subsequent years, you get €1,800 of pure profit or lose the money. What do you choose?

A coach will help you find a job step-by-step that is waiting for you somewhere. If a lot of people apply for your dream job, you have to deal with huge competition. Many are hunting for the position, which may be yours.

How do you beat the competition in your individual case?

The challenge consists of many factors, sometimes little things that can tip the scales of victory to your side.

There are many companies and individual coaches that can prepare and help you in finding another job, but Talen Training Centrum offers you a coach who has theoretical and practical experience because for many years he led recruitment in Dutch companies. Therefore, he knows very well what you should do to be better than your competitor. Polish and Dutch-speaking coaches will help you in achieving your dreams.

Think about whether you want to lose money year after year. The details can be found below.

For further information contact: office@linktopoland.com

Individual online coaching

Only a few steps keep you away from a better-paid and more interesting job. Even if you do not have any contacts or acquaintances in the Netherlands, it is still possible. You have to convince him that he needs you.

How to achieve it? We will do it with you, step-by-step. Take part in online coaching and you will see that you have unlimited opportunities to make your lifelong dream true. You must get to know your strengths, know what you want and achieve your goal.

Coaching includes both theoretical preparation and practical exercises. It is run in Polish and Dutch by a specialist with extensive practical experience in the field of recruitment in Dutch companies.

If you are tired of the job you are currently doing then think about changing it. When was the last time you wondered why the people who are less qualified, actually less intelligent and hard-working than you, have a better job, earn more and their life is easier?


Coaching includes theory in turns with practice. In this way, you will learn:

1. How and where to look for a new job

2. How to write a cover letter

3. How to prepare for a job interview

After the course, you will have already written a cover letter, CV and you will practice job interview many times. You will also get to know the ways to find your desired job.


9 meetings, each lasting half an hour within agreed space of time, plus 20 minutes of a pre-test

The programme is suited to your individual needs and your level ability with the Dutch language. It includes:

1. Building awareness of what I can do and what I want

2. Looking for a job; how and where

3. Writing a cover letter

4. Writing your CV

5. Reaction of the company to your letter. What’s next?

6. First job interview

7. Summary of the first job interview

8. Second job interview

9. When you are not employed. What’s next?

10. When the employer is interested in your candidature. Working conditions and salary

11. You got a job. Employment contract


Take matters into your own hands and enrol on the course, because your dream job may be taken by someone else. This is a link to the application form: click HERE

Price: €325.00 (including materials)

Bank account: Talen Training Centrum RABOBANK, account number: 158072979 with a note “career” and adding the surname of the paying person.

GUARANTEE: if after the first online conversation you decide that, for any reason, this course is not worth your money, Talen Training Centrum will give it back. All you need to do is let Talen Training Centrum know about this fact.


Get your discount with us! For further information contact: office@linktopoland.com




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