On behalf of organisers we invite you to the charity concert “Michał Rudaś for the Global Language Foundation” which will be held on August 8, 2014 at 8.00 p.m. in Żukowo /Gdańsk.

Michał Rudaś will be accompanied by two musicians: Łukasz Chyliński – guitar and Marcin Świderski – piano, flute bansuri, flute.

The Global Language Foundation is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to promote education, health and social care in India. Through the realization of the foreign short-term volunteer programs, Poles of all ages, regardless of education, share their time and talents with the people under the charge of Indian organizations.

Michał Rudaś is a pop, raga, ethno and soul singer fascinated by the music and culture of India. He is an ambassador of the Global Language Foundation.

Michał took part in a very popular TV singing competition “Szansa na sukces”  and was awarded  first prize. It is a program in which people  sing songs of  popular Polish artists. Michał, as a winner, took part in a final concert in 2002 and also in other TV concerts organized by Elżbieta Skrętkowska – the producer of this program.

A very important point in Michał’s carrier was singing in the music show “Kwiaty we włosach” (Flowers in hair) , directed by Andrzej Strzelecki. Premiere took place in Sopot in July 2002. After  ending  the  tour in many Polish cities, Michał started working in the Roma Theatre in Warsaw as an orchestra choir vocalist in musicals “Miss Saigon”, “Grease” and “Cats”. Occasionally  he also sang as a choir vocalist in the Comedy Theatre in the musical “Chicago”. He sang in both theatres until 2004.

Since 2002 Michał has recorded songs for cartoons in dubbing studios as well as a choir vocalist and as a soloist. He has sung in more than 40 TV, cinema and DVD films. The most important are: “Tarzan 2” (DVD) 2005, “The princess and the pea” (cinema) 2005, “My brother bear 2” ( DVD) 2006.
The next important event( summer 2004) in Michał’s life was meeting Adam Sztaba, a great Polish pianist, arranger and composer, who invited Michał to sing in his band in a new TV talk show “Moja krew”(My blood). Michał  sang in a four man band with one of the best Polish singers : Adam Krylik, Krzysztof Pietrzak, Daniel Wojsa. A few months later, in Autumn 2004, Michał got another job offer and  started singing in a very popular Polish music program Jaka to melodia” . He performs there until today. When the production of “Moja krew”  finished, it was replaced by another show “Taniec z gwiazdami” (Polish version of “Strictly Come Dancing”), which became very popular in Poland. It is said that the show was watched not only because of the dancing stars but also because of the phenomenal orchestra conducted by Adam Sztaba. Michał has had the privilege to sing in this orchestra from the beginning.

Michał has visited India a few times, where he has studied Indian classical singing –raga  and was taught by Anup Misra – a great vocalist and professor in the Sanskrit University of Varanasi.
Michał released a debut solo album titled “Shuruvath”, which is deeply inspired by Indian music, and then album “Changing” (2013).

The Partner of the charity concert: “Michał Rudaś for the Global Language Foundation” is Karczma Sidło.


For more information, please, call:  +48 668-525-541



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