Organisers have extended the formula of the Festival for 2014, which is the festival for everyone living abroad, crossing concrete or symbolic boundaries. The basis of the festival are films made by Poles living abroad and films about emigration, regardless of the directors’ nationality. A new and important element of EMiGRA will be films produced by immigrants living in Poland, films about what the life of immigrants in our country looks like from their point of view.

Subject matter: Films should cover the topic of emigration issues.


Documentary films contest for EMiGRA 2014 award

Contest is dedicated for documentary films from all over the world without any constraints regarding the length of the film (short-length, medium-term and full-length films) produced after 1st January 2010. Films will be appraised by the international jury. The prize in this contest is a studio trip abroad in 2015.

Short-length films contest for EMiGRA 2014 award

Documentary films (animated and feature), up to 30 minutes long and produced after 1st January 2010 can be entered for this contest. The prize in this contest is a weekend stay in Poland.

Films made with cell-phones contest

Short, two minutes long films made with cell-phones, about emigration, produced after 1st January 2010 may be entered. Prizes in this contest are tablets and photographic equipment.


Entry Deadline – 30th September 2014

Forms of enrolment – you can enter your film by sending a preview version to the organisers, together with a completed and signed subscription form available from  EMiGRA.



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