Do you ever watch movies or read books, and think of how great it would be to be right where they are? Do you ever wish to be there and see it with your own eyes? You give in to your imagination and you let your dreams take you far, far away. But inevitably, the voice of the reason always questions the size of your wallet..

They are a group of six people, who dream about travelling the world. They are seemingly average students, without any money or life experience. But, what they have, is huge enthusiasm, passion, dreams, and belief that if there’s a will, there’s the way. In December 2009, they bought a twenty-year-old mini van for 2000 PLN (~600$), which they repaired, repainted and converted into a hippie camper van. They decided to go on their first trip half a year later, and to make this happen, they were working while studying in order to save money for  trip expenses and petrol. And so, the “By Bus Around the World” (“Busem przez świat”) project was in motion.

Just before leaving on their first trip, they started a blog to inform their families of their whereabouts and what they were doing, and so, in the end of July, 2010 they embarked on their trip – around Western Europe. During one month, they visited twelve countries, and travelled well over 8000 km in their hippie van. They were on the avenue of the stars in Cannes, they participated in the bullfights, they dived in the Atlantic Ocean, and they visited countless beautiful places along the way. They also had problems, with the gearbox, their luggage being stolen, and getting arrested by the police in Gibraltar. During this expedition, they therefore gained big amounts of fans on their blog and their Facebook page, resulting in the publication of their first book.

During the next two years, there were three more expeditions – across Poland, Eastern Europe and North America. The students enjoyed countless memorable adventures, they won many new friendships, and while they had to repair the engine and the gearbox several times, they still travelled another 40 000 km in their hippie bus. With each and every trip, the blog grew, as did the amount of new fans, sponsors and media patrons.

In November, 2013, the students are going to Australia and New Zealand, and we are pleased to announce that Link to Poland agreed to take the media patronage for this journey, so we’ll keep you informed during the whole expedition!

If you want to become a sponsor of the expedition, or, if you live in Australia or New Zealand and would like to support the team in the colourful bus during their trip in any way, head on over to…

“By Bus Around the World” 

(where you can also find all videos of the mad adventures of the previous trips, as well as get in touch with the students themselves!)



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