In May 2016 a new record called PanPan – Laur, a mixture of deep house, chill out and drum & bass, will be available on the Polish market.

Artur Bogusławski (pianist), Bartosz Mikołaj Nazaruk (drummer) and Jan Wierzbicki (bass/double bass player) make up the United States of Beta Project. In 2013, together with excellent vocalists and various musicians (ethno, jazz and chill out), they published their first album called Poles Jazz the World. Continuing the same idea in their new project, the musicians invited Bartłomiej Waszak (Random Trip), a composer who grew up on the hip-hop scene and later moved to electronic music.

For the PanPan – Laur record Bartłomiej Waszak wrote a few new pieces and the United States of Beta, well known from the previous one, gave them a completely new dimension.

“This record was made mainly from the uncompromising need to create. At the same time we wanted to prove that Polish artists are no strangers to ambitious club music, which we usually have to look for in the USA or Western Europe. The composer of the instrumental part, Bartek Waszak, has the unique ability to create light music with certain atmosphere and intimacy. This gives vocalists a space to express themselves on different levels of emotions. PanPan – Laur is about the music that can be listened to while having a morning cup of coffee, being on the road, training or partying in the evening” – explains Marcin Pchałek, the executive producer.

The PanPan – Laur record includes 4 deep house/jazz in the house pieces, which are remixes of compositions from the Poles Jazz the World record, made by artists who don’t have to be introduced – Maria Sadowska, Novika and Michał Rudaś. Completely new arrangements are performed by Aleksandra Komsta, charismatic Natalia Lubrano, energetic Skadyktator and the guru of the Polish house scene – Jacob A.

The first single, “Kokon”, with Natalia Lubrano as well as the music video with the dancer and choreographer Gabi Pawłowicz, will have its premiere in April.

The first people to hear the whole PanPan – Laur record live will be the audience at the World Summit Commerce that will take place in Warsaw on 14 and 15 April 2016.



More information about the project you can find on: United States of Beta | FB

Photo © Jacek Narkielun

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