The main purpose of the contest is to create a positive image of Poles living permanently abroad, and to show their accomplishments and successes.

All candidates have to be citizens of Poland, or be a person of Polish descent that lives legally outside of Poland. A candidate can only be nominated in one category.

The granting of titles is followed in five categories: Business, Culture, Science, Personality and Young Pole.

Business – eligible candidates are those who conduct a documented business activity or hold distinguished positions in the corporate environment.

Culture – eligible candidates are those who create culture, composers, writers, poets, painters, etc., referring in the work to Poland, as well as those working for the promotion of Polish culture.

Science – eligible candidates are those who conduct research or a teaching activity which functions outside Poland.

Personality – eligible candidates are those who distinguished by activity, resourcefulness, initiative and are involved in extraordinary activities and initiatives, including but not limited to charitable character.

Young Pole – eligible candidates are under 35 years old that are successful in one of the above categories or whose activities bring profits to the local community and have an influence on creating a positive image of Poland and Poles in the local community.

The competition is divided into the national stage organized directly by the Foundation of the Polish Promotional Emblem “Teraz Polska” in Warsaw and the global stage, organized in the USA (Chicago and New York), Belgium, Norway, Singapore, Scotland, The Netherlands, France and Germany by local Polish Community Organisations.

The results of the Outstanding Pole Abroad 2014 contest will be announced soon.


More information on: the Foundation of the Polish Promotional Emblem „Teraz Polska” and Pangea Alliance, Pangea Scotland, Polonus Foundation, UCI – The Young Polish Norwegian Professionals Association, Association Florek & Entertainment


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