Not only artists living in Poland can take part in the contest but also Poles living abroad. Organisers invite to participate in an exhibition of foreign artists. You can send your works until 20th June 2015.

As in previous editions the topic of the contest is related to the incredible history of the town. This year marks the 170th anniversary of the Warsaw-Vienna Railway.

The Warsaw-Vienna Railway was the first railway line in the land of the Congress Poland, and the second in the Russian Empire. Its first section was built in 1845, although the construction project itself has started already in 1835. It was the longest line in Europe.

Contest rules (only Polish version)

Further information you can find on website of the town Żyrardów in bookmark: “Manufaktura Satyry”. You can see there also galleries of the previous editions of the contest and catalogs.


Photo © The railway station building (1919-1939). Photography from the Museum of Western Mazovia in Żyrardow.


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