The “United States of Beta – Poles Jazz the World” record results from two years of searching, concentrating, self-discovering and learning how to accept things. This record made us aware that after all we are one unity that mixes in time. We want to share these experiences in our video called “Fight Club”, hoping that it will bring about a piece of reflection in this complicated world rushing in the unknown direction”– say artists about their project.

Watch and listen to the new video called “Fight Club”:



The album “United States of Beta – Poles Jazz the World” was created entirely by a group of instrumentalists from Warsaw: Artur Bogusławski – pianist, heart of the project, versatile musician,Bartosz Nazaruk – drums, rythm section in Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra, Janek Wierzbicki – emerging bass talent, Bogusz Wekka – percussions, on stage along with Bobby McFerrin, Przemek Kostrzewa – trumpet, for opinions please refer to Tomasz Stańko, Andrzej Karp – sound engineer, the only Pole wandering in the studio of Petera Gabriela and guest vocalists: Maria Sadowska, Magda Navarrete, Anna Józefina Lubieniecka, Kasia Nowicka (Novika), Michał Rudaś, Katarzyna Kurzawska, Małgorzata Hutek and Nick Sinckler.

The album “United States of Beta – Poles Jazz the World”, composed of an LP and a photo album of over hundred pages by an excellent photographer, Piotr Malczewski.


More information about the project you can find on: United States of Beta

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