Business – Ewa Kowalska, the owner of MediSalt, Center of Sea Climate. She first introduced an innovative technology patented in 143 countries to the Dutch market.

Science and Technology – Kasia Czabanowska, Associate Professor at the Department of International Health at the University of Maastricht.

Culture – Piotr Jasiurkowski, violinist and lecturer at the Academy of Music in Maastricht.

The Young Successful Pole – Kasia Karpińska, scientist and lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Honorary Polonus – Wim Willems, writer, historian and lecturer at the University of Leiden. He has studied Polish society in the Netherlands for over 30 years and authored the book One Hundred Years of Longing [Sto lat tęsknoty].

Internet users voted online to decide which of the candidates would receive the audience’s award. This year, the award went to Monika Mączka, a master hairstylist and an official hairstyling teacher.

Nearly 700 guests gathered in Studio 21 in Hilversum to watch the fourth edition of Pole of the Year, providing an excellent opportunity to show the achievements of Poles living and working here. The evening delivered a hilarious spectacle Dinnershow Pandora. Their team members – singers, musicians, acrobats and dancers – presented a show at the highest possible level to the audience in Studio 21. During the event, specials guests also performed, including Monika Lewczuk, Rafał Malicki and Michał Michalak. There was also an afterparty, with a 21-piece live band and DJ Nikusia. The food for the guests was prepared by Dutch chef Herman den Blijker.

Congratulations to the winners and the organisers. Much apreciation to Otto Work Force and Director Frank van Gool for the great preparation of the awards ceremony this year.

The Pole of the Year 2015 contest in the Netherlands was held under Link to Poland’s media patronage.


Photo © Małgorzata Lubbers-Dąbrowska

More information: Polonus


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