Dear friends! By dint of your generosity, help, and huge hearts, we not only beat the record from previous years, but we also doubled the amount of money collected last year. Throughout the 22nd WOŚP Finale, we exceeded £8,000!

And everything started on Friday, at 7pm, in the Polish Restaurant Quisine… where host Donata warmly welcomed guests. They started with a song “Moja i Twoja Nadzieja” (“My and Your Hope”). The evening was full of sung poetry, rock hits, and a fantastic monodrama about Charles. We thought that we had reached the end, and I had already thanked guests and artists, when we found out that our special guest for Sunday’s rock concert – Ziemia Zakazana, had already reached Hull. The music resounded, and Grzesiek Żygoń welcomed us with “Zegarmistrz Światła” (“The Watchmaker of Light”).

Saturday was a day full of adventures. We began with a charity football match at the pitch of the Polish School SMC. In the WOŚP team played great footballers and volunteers as well, who did not allow the magnificent team of Nottingham Polonia to win. We played, sang and supported the teams with music, thanks to Hull Bass and Emi Radio. Medals were presented at a solemn ceremony after the match.

And in the evening, what a lot of activity! DJ Maxxxy, Formacja Golden, an auction, a lottery, the most tasty heart-shaped cake-  donated by G&K bakery – dancing and fun… it was the best party in our city. More than 200 people feasted on dishes prepared by our fantastic group of volunteers. During the auction we collected about £2,700, and everything was thanks to the generosity of our sponsors; if not for them and their big hearts, we would not have had anything to auction! A poster with signatures of all guests has already been send to Jurek and the WOŚP headquarters in Warsaw.

We always dedicate Sunday to children and families. And so it was this year too. A carnival ball, full of fun and games, took place on 12th of January. Princesses, Spidermen, knights, Ninja Turtles and many, many other characters visited us. The children were drawing, cutting, dancing, jumping and playing football with the Dream Team of Hull. I am sure that each party guest came out with smiling face and stomach full of tasty sweets.

The 22nd WOŚP Finale finished with an extraordinary party – the first Polish rock ’n’ roll concert in Hull. We played from  6pm in the Blue Lamp. I have to say that I was moved by the engagement and positive energy of artists from London and Poland. In October, the concert was not included in plans, but by dint of Polisz Czart and Alter Ego Radio, and the warm hearts of Sławek and Bogumił, we rocked Hull and showed what beautiful fun we can create with the rhythms of love, friendship and respect.

The evening was opened by Aleks Gala, who was supported by younger sister Hania – the best drummer in the world. Next, we heard Tom Ussher songs, jumping and rocking through the Czapa performance.  Human Control put a heavier accent on the evening, followed by Megatona and Lynchypyn. The concert was closed by Ziemia Zakazana, making their debut in the UK.

Dear friends! I must thank many people – for help, heart, time and engagement. My staff, especially staff heads right hand person (and their right hand person), the group who prepared Friday’s poetry evening, the group who cooked on Saturday and the group who made Sunday pleasant  for children. I thank all bands from London and Poland for visiting us in the far north, there where the devil says good night. I thank my child and my partner for patience and support.

Huge and cordial thanks to all sponsors and media patrons: My City Info,,, Doncaster4u, Polacy w Linconshire, Emigrant,, Link to Poland, Polish Express, Gazeta Polonijna, Goniec, Gazeta Prawna, Radio Emi, Radio Alter Ego, Polisz Czart, Studio Project, Monika S. Jakubowska Photography, Joanna Wegerska Photography, Beata Ryske Photography, Ufniak Photography, Bass Hull, Poles Apart, APMlets, Ria, Money Gram, WJ, Piekarnia G&K, rzeżnik T&R, Miro’s, fryzjerom: Przemek, Metamorphosis, Tropical Sun, Flexible Fashion, Athena Gyros, Polska Restauracja Kuchnia, F&M Kosmetyki, Polskiej Sobotniej Szkole SMC i Polskiej Sobotniej Szkole im. I. Sendlerowej, Przedszkolu Panda, Odszkodowania i wypadki, Polskie Imprezy w Anglii, DJ Maxxxy, Polskie Imprezy T3, Relax&Beauty, Tomek Piątkowski Holowanie auta, SCT Service, Tomek Kluz, Maechanik Bieniasz, Wiesław Meronk, Dream Team, Polonia Nottingham, Mongol Team, Kasia Zumba, Grzegorz Szyca, SLM Holiday, E-krawcowa, Magda Czekaj, Polish Masters League, Andrzej Gaj, Angelika Durda, Joanna Kaźmierczak, Hull Tints, Rzutnik Ania, Greencore.

To shops: Polskie Delikatesy, EU International, Furniture Shop, Polski Dom, Stokrotka, Spiżarnia, Nasza Biedronka, Babylon, Polska Chata, Pasikonik, Wisła, Beverlet, International Food, Dukat, Polski Dom.

To bands: Aleks Gala + family, Tom Ussher, Czapa, Huma Control, Megatona, Lynchpyn and Ziemia Zakazana. Thanks to Blue Lamp and Andy.


Photo © Studio Project



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