Wojna w Jangblizji. W domu is the second part of a story about a royal family. It is another meeting with original characters from Jangblizja, whose fight for freedom will last for a very long time. It is also an emotional confrontation of people from two different worlds who don’t realise how much they have in common and that they have been affecting their mutual fates for many years.

When princess Nana wakes up in Jangblizja, she thinks the most difficult part of her journey is over. She’s finally back home. It soon turns out that it’s just the beginning: the challenges only start to tower in front of her and the life of her friends as well as her own are exposed to more danger every day. Her native land is no longer as she remembered it. The war that has been fought for more than a year destroys the country and kills its people.

Nana quickly learns that the right choices are not always easy and that consequences are unavoidable. Together with her friends she roams the land in the state of war to find her allies hiding in the woods.  Every step is a test of strength, friendship and loyalty.

Meanwhile, prince Roan, who remains in the Other World, pays all his attention to looking for his father. He meets many exiles from Jangblizja and learns their remarkable stories. They plan to go back to Jangblizja together…

We recommend taking a trip around Jangblizja. Let the author take you to the world of magic and secrets to find out what happens to the royal family.

Wojna w Jangblizji. W Domu by Agnieszka Steur, published by Poligraf, will be available in bookstores on 10th July. The author of the amazing book illustrations is again Ewa Kieńko-Gawlik.

Link to Poland is the media patron of Wojna w Jangblizji. W Domu.


Agnieszka Steur was born in Wałbrzych. For many years now she has been living in the Netherlands. She translated her experience of being an emigrant and her passion for bilingualism into a fantasy novel. She is a graduate from the University of Amsterdam and she has been promoting teaching Polish to kids born and raised in Polish-Dutch families for years. She is the author of many publications connected with bilingualism. She has also received many awards for her literary work, including a special prize in the competition organised by the Marshal of the Polish Senate for Polish and Polish community journalists called “Polacy na ścieżkach świata – blaski i cienie”(2008) (Poles in the world – lights and shadows). She has published two books so far: Wojna w Jangblizji. W Tamtym Świecie (2012) (War in Jangblizja. The Other World) and Słowa do użytku wewnętrznego/Voedsel voor de ziel (2013) (Words for internel use/Voedsel voor de ziel).




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