Karol Zubrzycki, known as  “Bison” (Żubr), is a 25 year old part-time tourism and recreation student with a Traveler’s passion, a passionate runner, akayaking enthusiast and dogtrekker. Usually he works in high elevation work.

He loves meeting new people, encountering new cultures and going to new countries. He started his travel adventures relatively recently. One day he lifted up mine eyes from his travel books, created a “dream list”, and systematically has started to realize it. Some things have been struck off the list and  in the meantime there new ones have appeared.

On the 18th November he set off for his first big trip starting with an adventure in  Asia. All in all, the trip took  62 days, crossed 7 countries and more than 11 thousand kilometres, coming back  on the 22nd January 2014.

Żubr describes the trip: “Below are a few of the places  that I want to visit which does not mean that I have to do these. Because adventure can devour me and the course of events can turn out to be different.

● Singapore – the city-state , 2-3 days and beyond…

● Malaysia – a conglomerate of cultures and amazing wildlife;

● In Kuala Lumpur – Petronas Towers, commonplace but I have a weakness for tall buildings –  in the end I work at a height;

● Cameron Highlands – nothing more but the cultivation of tea;

● Pangkor Island –  idyllic views and snorkelling among sea creatures.

● Thailand – perhaps the most famous tourist country in this part of Asia;

● Bangkok – neighbourhoods where  its inhabitants are living, working and growing every day;

● Phuket – mass tourism is not for me. Renting a kayak for 2-3 days and swimming from one uninhabited island to the next  one;

● Chumporn – scuba diving draws me to this place but with sharks.

● Chiang Mai – a great starting point in the mountainous areas of northern Thailand;

● Burma – a place which… was not ruined  yet by commerce;

● Bagan – a city of hundreds of temples, my goal – the smaller one , lying on the sidelines.

● Laos – the country of relaxation and doing nothing – I’ll try to expose this myth.

● Prabang – waterfalls and rafting along the Mekong River.

● Paksong – the best coffee in the world. Don Det – the islands where you can feel that time has stopped.

● Vietnam – the country whose national symbols are the chopsticks, conical hats and war. Hoi An – its architecture attracted me to this particular place.

● Ha Long – the bay of a thousand islands, the perfect place to go kayaking.

● Cambodia –  where Tomb Raider was filmed.

● Angkor Wat – I want to visit just places, where buses with thousands of visitors do not arrives.

● Phnom Kulen – a complex of temples located among waterfalls in the jungle.

If the plan was carried out you can read on Żubr w naturze or FB profile


Photo © Karol Zubrzycki


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