The jubilee edition that commemorates 10 years of the Congress of Polish Student Societies in the UK is organised by the Cambridge University Polish Society. It will take place between 27th and 29th January in Cambridge and gather about 350 students from all around the UK.

The community of Polish students in the UK exhibits a strong desire to network with their countrymen and stay in contact with Poland. This is manifested through a multitude of initiatives that are organised by Polish academic diaspora. Arguably, one of the most important events is the annual Congress of Polish Student Societies in the UK that was initiated by Zbigniew Pełczynski, Professor Emeritus at the University of Oxford. Since its inception the event that is jointly organised with the Federation of Polish Student Societies in the UK, has taken place at various universities including Warwick, Oxford, and Edinburgh.

Organizers emphasise the new structure that focuses on four pillars: culture, career, politics & economics, and integration – issues crucial to Poles studying at British universities. Delegates will have an opportunity to listen to, as well as network with, numerous experts, including the former Foreign Affairs Minister of Poland, Radosław Sikorski, or one of the most successful Polish actors, Andrzej Seweryn. The Congress will also serve as a great opportunity to consider various career options that are available in Poland. The selection of workshops will enable students to challenge themselves and network with employers.

Ivy Poland Ball, which will allow students to experience a Cambridge-like traditional ball in Hinchingbrooke House, a historic Tudor residence built in the 13th century, will conclude the conference. This special event will create an exceptional opportunity to network with other Poles and enjoy their last moments in Cambridge.


More information you can find on: Polish Congress  


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