Data for 2011 shows that there are 8100 traders of the Polish origin in Belgium. Most of them operate in the the SME market and they are quite successful in competing with local companies.

The Polish Entrepreneurs’ Forum initiative is addressed both to well-established SMEs and to start ups in need of professional expertise and good practice collected by their colleagues who are more experienced in the local market.

The Polish Entrepreneurs’ Forum is a one-day event aimed at consolidating and enhancing the presence of Polish businessmen living and working in Belgium.

The forum is an excellent networking opportunity where participants can meet up and establish links to a mutual benefit.

The initiative in itself puts an emphasis on the role of Polish businesses in the Belgian market, raising public awareness about how they contribute to economic growth in Belgium. At the same time, it is an opportunity to learn about the various forms of support that the Polish government lends to Polish entrepreneurs abroad.

During this year’s Forum its participants will have an opportunity to get more information on:

  • Employment costs and the salary components
  • Discounts for the employment of workers
  • How to keep cash flow of your company
  • How to build the image of the entrepreneur and how to present your business

Registration is mandatory, for RSVP, please contact: or visit: Biznes Forum website.


More information on: The Polish Entrepreneurs’ Forum

Photo © Polish Entrepreneurs’ Forum


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