The 60 Million Congress

The idea behind the 60 Million Congress, a global meet-up of Polish expat entrepreneurs, is to integrate – on a broad scale – the Polish and Polish expat business communities at large. The name of the congress corresponds with the overall number of Poles that there are in the world – in Poland and abroad. The celebration of Poland’s 100th anniversary after regaining independence constitutes a unique opportunity to meet for Polish expats and to discuss the current position of Poland on the world map, especially in the context of today’s globalization process within the political and socio-economic sphere.

The guiding intent of the congress organizers is to define the current relationship status and character between Polish business, science and cultural organizations both in Poland and beyond the countries border. Defining the scale of these relationships will in turn determine the the potential benefits that stem therefrom. The cardinal goal of the debate is to identify the most promising fields for closer cooperation and which could bring about the most optimal positive results for the Polish community at large.

Two editions of the Congress – Miami and Jasionka

In 2018 two editions of the Congress will be held. The first congress will take place on February 9-10 at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach. The second edition on August 30-31 will take place at G2A Arena , the Congress and Exhibition Centre of the Podkarpackie Region in Jasionka (close to Rzeszów). The agenda of both events revolves around the panel formula, preceded by a introductory presentation. The topics covered throughout include, but are not limited to, the issue of building the Polish Brand throughout the world, Polish and international business cooperation, tourism in Poland, or investment opportunities in Poland.

Organizers strongly believe that the 60 mln Congress will constitute a platform for international and intergenerational communication, which in turn will promote a closer collaboration and to a more integrated Polish community – domestically and internationally.


More information about thee Congress, agenda and registration on: 60mln  | FB


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