To take part in the Youth Delegate 2014 Programme, which is carried out by the United Nations Association in Poland and the MFA Department of United Nations and Human Rights, you need to write an essay on “Post-2015 Development Agenda: Priorities from the perspective of Polish youth.” Entries must be sent in by April 25, 2014.

Poland’s Youth Delegate, the author of the best essay, will take part in the work of the General Assembly’s Third Committee, which deals with human rights and youth issues. Along with other delegates, he or she will also meet the UN Secretary-General.

Before going to New York, the winning delegate will meet the youth from various regions of Poland in a series of consultations that are organized by the United Nations Association in Poland. Young people will have a chance to convey to the UN their opinions on the situation of Polish youth, especially as regards education, the labour market, the access to healthcare, and safety.

Thanks to the Youth Delegate programme, the previous session of the UN General Assembly was attended by young representatives from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Dominican Republic, Finland, Georgia, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Romania, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Jamaica, Kenya, Norway, Slovakia and the United States.

Read more about the competition (in Polish) and about Youth Delegate Programme


Source: Press Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

Photo © the United Nations. Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson meets with Youth Delegates.



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