Bibliography and Drawings by Zbigniew Brzezinski contains drawings by the former national security advisor to President Jimmy Carter, accompanied with the Professor’s articles and academic papers. Brzeziński would make his drawings in the course of White House meetings, peace conferences and other summits. The idea for the anthology came from Emilly Benesz-Brzezińska, a well-known artist and the Professor’s wife, who had been collecting his works over the years. The book was published by Jadwiga and Paweł Tryzno from the Book Art Museum in Lodz.

I will never be able to find out exactly what busies the mind of Zbig, a great politician, skilled strategist, and eminent statesman. But thanks to the Book Art Museum, I have the privilege to peek into his dimensions that are normally shielded from public view,” underscored Ryszard Schnepf, Polish Ambassador to the United States, during the book’s presentation.

Professor Zbigniew Brzeziński and his wife Emilly Benesz-Brzeziński were the guests of honour at the ceremony.

Drawing the doodles at numerous summits and meetings in the 1960s and 1970s, I never intended for them to be published,” noted Professor Brzeziński, adding that in some of the drawings you can see indications as to what the conference was about and how the meetings were progressing.

During the event, attendees watched a special presentation on the Book Art Museum in Lodz, which has won the prestigious American Printing History Association award for its outstanding accomplishments in the field of printing.


Source: Press Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Poland

Photo © Matthew Stefański / the Polish Embassy in Washington


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