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Colett Neumann from Germany, Hoh Hong Huat from Malaysia, Alona Nad from Ukraine and Abnoos Moslehi from Iran are the winners of the 3rd INTERSTUDENT Competition- the competition for the best international students in Poland organized as a part of the ‘Study in Poland’ program. The INTERSTUDENT Competition is organized under the honorary patronage of Professor Wiesław Banyś, President of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (CRASP).

The rector of a university and the student government determine the conditions of granting financial support in the form of scholarships at a given university. The information below is general. Detailed conditions are available at universities

The Erasmus Programme will have its present form by the end of 2013, and after that it will be replaced by a new programme, “Erasmus for All”. It is going to be launched in 2014 and will last until 2020. The EU intends to spend EUR 19 billion on the programme.

The series called “Foreign eyes on Poland” presents the profiles of people who have any connection to Poland or who have found their home in Poland, or just a favorite place for vacation where they like to return. We will be asking them questions like; what surprised them the most and how the Poles are perceived by foreign eyes; how Poland differs from their country of origin; and whether the behavior of people is different? We will ask them many other issues. Today Fernando Carvalho from Portugal.

Our series “Studies in Poland – My Memories” will present the profiles of people who have decided to travel to Poland to study. We will ask them about the reasons of choosing our country. How the Polish educational system and Polish universities differ from those in their native country. We will also ask them what kind of details from Poland they will remember the most. Was it a challenge to communicate with the Polish people? What do they think of the Polish students and professors? We will also bring up a number of other issues.