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Cambridge and Oxford may seem a distant dream to many, even the most talented and ambitious, Polish students. An unfamiliar admission process, applications for financing, communication with future supervisors — all of these sound a bit daunting at first, but with some help from an experienced mentor this dream can become within your reach.

“Erasmus in the jungle” – you could call sergeant officer cadet Marek Jankowski’s student excursion that. Students of the majority of Polish universities go abroad on student exchange programmes like Erasmus in which they work and study in other countries. During his studies in the Higher Officer School in Wroclaw sergeant Jankowski went on Erasmus to French Guiana to study survival in extreme conditions under the supervision of French Foreign Legion soldiers.

The Erasmus Programme will have its present form by the end of 2013, and after that it will be replaced by a new programme, “Erasmus for All”. It is going to be launched in 2014 and will last until 2020. The EU intends to spend EUR 19 billion on the programme.