The Erasmus Programme will have its present form by the end of 2013, and after that it will be replaced by a new programme, “Erasmus for All”. It is going to be launched in 2014 and will last until 2020. The EU intends to spend EUR 19 billion on the programme. “Erasmus for All” is aimed to increase the effectiveness of spending, as well as facilitate applying for financing and eliminate bureaucracy, all these thanks to combining the seven existing educational programmes and initiatives into one.

The improved structure and increased resources will open way to better opportunities for young people, students, participants of training sessions, and teachers, so that they can constantly develop and improve their skills.

“Erasmus of All” has a new feature, too – it will support projects related to education and research on European integration and support of local sports.

The number of grants in the new programme will be doubled in comparison to the present situation. Thanks to this, cooperation between educational institutions will be more intense and there will be more reforms modernizing systems of education.


Erasmus for All in numbers:

– grants for 2.2 million university students (0.7 million more),

– grants for 135 thousand students travelling outside the EU and those arriving in the EU from other countries,

– 735 thousand participants of vocational education and training (385 thousand more),

– grants for 1 million teachers (400 thousand more),

– grants for 700 thousand trainees going to placement abroad (100 thousand more),

– support for 540 thousand volunteers (166 thousand more).



Source: FRSE




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