Cities and regions of the future – Poland as one of the leaders

In the latest FDI Intelligence ranking of the best European cities and regions for foreign investments, Poland has been ranked as one of the leaders.

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European Cities and Regions of the Future 2014/15 is published by fDI Intelligence, a division of FT. The report highlights the best places in Europe for foreign direct investments in such categories as: Cost Efficiency, Business Friendliness and FDI Strategy. All European countries were grouped into four regions (Eastern, where Poland was classified, Western, Northern and Southern Europe) and in terms of the size of cities and regions. Among the Eastern region’s Top 10 destinations for FDI were three Polish cities: Wrocław in 2nd place, Katowice in 3rd and Poznań in 7th. In the FDI Strategy in Eastern Europe category, more than half of the Top 10 cities are in Poland: Katowice (1), Wroclaw (2), Poznan (3), Łódź (5), Lublin (8) and Kraków (10). In addition, Katowice, Wrocław and Poznań were listed among the FDI’s best cities in the whole of Europe (respectively 2nd, 7th and 10th position).

Among the Top 10 major cities in Europe in terms of business friendliness, Warsaw took 6th place in the list of all the major cities of the continent. Wrocław obtained the same position in the large cities category. Wrocław and Katowice were also listed in the general ranking, presenting the most attractive large cities in Europe (8th and 9th place respectively).

In the Top 10 regions of Eastern Europe, Poland is represented by: Małopolska (5th), Śląsk (6th), Wielkopolska (8th) and Mazowsze (10th). Polish regions have also dominated the ranking of the best FDI regional strategy in Eastern Europe: Małopolska took second place, Opole fifth place, Śląsk sixth place, Wielkopolska seventh place and Ząbkowice Śląskie eighth position. In the Top 10 across Europe, Poland is represented by Śląsk in sixth place in the large regions category. Moreover, Małopolska is 10th in medium-sized regions the category. The ranking was based on an analysis of 468 European locations.


Source: Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency

Photo © Anna Karahan