The Foundation of the Polish promotional emblem “Teraz Polska” is now welcoming applications for the XXV edition of the “Teraz Polska” contest. Its goal is to uncover the best products, services, communities and innovations which stand out in the market in the terms of quality, technology and utility.

Everybody who is interested in taking part in the contest should send a registration form at first, and then, by 5th February 2015a verification form.

The awards will be given in three categories: for products and services, communities and innovative ventures. The winners will be selected by the judging panel of the “Teraz Polska” emblem contest, consisting of 26 people who are social, economic, scientific and cultural authorities. The ending of XXV edition of the contest will be held in June 2015, including a gala at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw, when the winners will receive “Teraz Polska” statuettes from the hands of culture, media and politics personages.

 “Teraz Polska” is the most recognisable symbol that promotes Polish entrepreneurs. By dint of it we send a signal to our clients that we are a reliable contractor and our products are of the highest quality. The emblem brings us renown, on the one hand confirmed by independent experts and the judging panel, and on the other hand by the trust of our consumers,” says Krzysztof Pruszyński, chairman of the company Blachy Pruszyński.

The Foundation of the Polish Promotional Emblem “Teraz Polska” has for over 20 years promoted Polish enterprise, innovative methods of production, and management, and supports Polish companies in building and strengthening their brands. Through numerous initiatives it shapes patriotic shopping attitudes of consumers.

The high prestige of “Teraz Polska” emblem is strengthened by: clear procedures of the contest, the professionalism and independence of experts, and by the authority of the panel of judges, headed by Professor Michał Kleiber, chairman of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Foundation’s actions are supervised by a council headed by Andrzej Arendarski, chairman of the Polish Chamber of Commerce. The high recognition of the “Teraz Polska” logo strengthens the competitiveness and success on the market of the awarded companies.

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More information about the contest is available on the following website: The Foundation of the Polish Promotional Emblem “Teraz Polska”.


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