A salt egg is  as precious and unique as a treasure. It has a diverse texture, colour palette which goes from white, through grey, to pink and orange, and smells like a prehistoric sea.  An egg decorated with various techniques will become a wonderful Easter egg. The competition refers to the tradition, but it does not limit techniques or materials used to created the egg, so the final effects can be breathtaking.

The competition is addressed to talented  children and young people with skills in plastic arts. The deadline to enter is 31 March and the number of entries is limited. Salt eggs will be  supplied by the Saltworks Museum, however, decorations and other materials must be brought by participants. We should remember that it is hard to combine salt with decorations.

The most beautiful Easter eggs will be presented at an exhibition in Saltworks Castle on 15-22 April 2014.


More information: Saltworks Castle in Wieliczka

Photo © Piotr Chwalba


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