The concept of Employer Branding features more and more often in discussions on modern business, but the multiplicity of ideas for implementation strategies is confusing for many entrepreneurs. In order to fully answer the question in the title, we should look at the issue in a more comprehensive way. This need is addressed by the organizers of The BSS Tour: Poland cycle from the Pro Progressio Foundation, who have now changed traditional panel discussions into presentations of practical solutions from the perspective of BPO/SSC employers, employees and candidates, as well as experts using and developing new branding tools on a daily basis.

The fifth conference of the trans-Poland series of meetings will be held in Częstochowa. The event will focus on the effective building of an employer’s brand in the employee’s market era. Representatives of the modern business services sector, shared services centres, outsourcing companies, as well as companies offering such services to business clients and whose activities are based on them, have been invited to join the discussion. Practical examples of the case study are to answer the following questions: why has Employer Branding become so important now and what benefits does it offer? 

The BSS Tour Częstochowa: Employer Branding in BSS is aimed at discovering, describing and exploring the ​​issues relating to activities that increase the attractiveness of a company in the eyes of its current and potential candidates and make it perceived as a career-friendly environment. The order of the panels and their subjects will lead the participants through a number of areas in which image-related activities are carried out, thus giving a comprehensive picture of EB – starting from the theoretical and practical knowledge, illustrated with an example of a global corporation, going through the dissection of the Candidate&Employee Experience, debates on the benefits for employees and the office layout, and finishing with presentations on online brand and social media monitoring.

The issues discussed will include:

  • practical solutions in building an effective Employer Branding strategy in SSC;
  • mistakes made when implementing recruitment marketing;
  • the opportunities and benefits of Employer Branding, the Candidate&Employee Experience;
  • the latest trends in the remuneration of employees and the layout of an effective workplace;
  • the facts and myths surrounding employers in the outsourcing industry;
  • tools that facilitate working with social media;
  • examples of good online branding practices;
  • the investment potential in the sector of modern business services and the further direction of the economic development of the City of Częstochowa.

The conference will take place on 27 September 2018 at the Scout Hotel in Częstochowa and is designed for employees in charge of human resources: managers, leaders and directors who struggle on a daily basis to find qualified and committed staff. The profile of the participant is a person representing an Employer Branding service provider and a company using its services. The speakers include experts from: Arla GSS, Pracownia_EB, GoldenLine, Emplocity. During the conference you will also be able to listen to a presentation by Zyta Machnicka of Lightness, and by the co-creator of the Corporate Differently method, who will show, with the support of SentiOne, the image of the outsourcing industry through the eyes of candidates taking their first steps in it. The event is planned for approx. 100 guests. After the conference they will have an opportunity to establish business contacts during an unofficial networking party. 

The partners of the event are: the City of Częstochowa, GoldenLine, Pracownia_EP, Deutscher Outsourcing Verband, the Polish-Scandinavian Chamber of Commerce and the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce. Media sponsorship is provided by, Outsourcing&More, Gazeta Wyborcza Częstochowa, Emerging Europe, Outsourcing Journal, Link to Poland, Poland Today, SSC Heroes and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency is the Honorary Patron.

Participation in an industry event gives the opportunity to establish new contacts and to observe the competition. All conferences organized by Pro Progressio are supported with the Event Tiger Internet system, activated a few days before the event. It enables you to conveniently arrange a meeting with a specific participant, by sending an invitation to them, in order to talk to them during an event in a designated zone. 

The mandatory registration guarantees free-of-charge participation in the conference. A detailed agenda and application form are available at: BSS Tour Czestochowa


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