Wolves Hardware & R&D

The main event, Wolves Summit on 10-11th April, will be preceded by Wolves Hardware & R&D on 9th April. Its primary goal is to educate and connect hardware & R&D professionals, including 150 startups from around the world. Participants will discuss technology transfer, medtech, telemedicine, space research, and more during 1:1 meetings, panels, and lectures.

Women in the innovative industry

Diversity in tech is a thriving topic and Wolves Summit keeps promoting it. Female entrepreneurs and professionals will share their knowledge and perspective during discussion panels and lectures. The conference will also welcome the Polish Minister of entrepreneurship and technology, Mrs Jadwiga Emilewicz.

Business networking

Networking is at the core of Wolves Summit. So far during the previous conferences, there were over 14303 1:1 meetings held. This time the organizers are planning +4000 of them. Participants will be able to set up short 15-minute meetings and talk to potential investment and business partners. Networking activities will be extended to evening events, where the attendees can connect in more informal circumstances.

The conference agenda

Wolves Summit’s agenda is focusing on current and emerging topics.This year’s speakers will cover AI, blockchain, investing in innovation, fintech, and cybersecurity to name a few. Implementing a chip will surely be one of the most interesting moments on Wolves Summit stage, and everything will be explained by Hannes Sjöblad and Jowan Österlund during the first day of the conference.

Investors and innovators from around the world

The event is known for gathering representatives from many countries. International investors will present best practices in cooperating with startups and creating the next unicorn startups. These on the other hand will share their success stories, including the winner of the 3rd edition of Wolves Summit’s Great Pitch challenge – Benjamin Bilski from The NAGA Group.

Promoting the Polish innovative ecosystem

Minister Emilewicz has long been supportive of entrepreneurship in Poland, and during Wolves Summit attendees will have the opportunity to hear more about that. Poland is a thriving ecosystem for business and financial growth. Invited speakers from Polish Venture funds and startup organizations will discuss how to boost it even more.

The co-organizer of the conference is the Capital City of Warsaw.

The full agenda and tickets for Wolves Summit and Wolves Hardware & R&D can be found on the event’s website at Wolves Summit


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