Launched by the Kosciuszko Institute, the CYBERSEC HUB initiative has a strong chance to take the lead in the cyber domain. The project aims at establishing a cybersecurity competence hub that teams up with universities, companies, start-ups, and NGOs from the Malopolska Region.

Krakow is one of the largest start-up hubs in Europe with over 200 businesses offering ICT products and services, unparalleled investment opportunities, and unfettered access to the pool of talent and highly qualified professionals. This unique ecosystem is what has been attracting global IT companies to the region, and many of them have already moved their Research & Development, and Security Operations Centres to Malopolska. Krakow also hosts the annual European Cybersecurity Forum CYBERSEC, one of the five top cybersecurity conferences in Europe.

The main aim of the CYBERSEC HUB is to make the most of this accumulated technology, investment, and research in order to boost innovation and make Krakow the Centre of Excellence in Cybersecurity, bringing together academia and business, Polish and foreign companies, startups, as well as the local authorities and NGOs. The idea is to create a wide range of new opportunities, from educational offerings through research and investment possibilities to innovative products.

CYBERSEC HUB builds on the synergy between the stakeholders and promotes their cooperation on specific initiatives. Among the first animated programs is CYBERSEC ACCELERATOR which helps seven selected cybersecurity startups to internationalize and scale their businesses.

Cybersu Labs is one of the startups participating in the programme. Its CEO, George Slawek, has moved from the Silicon Valley in order to set up and develop his business on the Polish soil. “There are two main reasons why we have chosen Poland. One is related to my Polish origins, whilst the second concerns the business opportunities that this country offers,”the entrepreneur emphasized.“Poland has many talented, world-class engineers. From the supply point of view, we have the best specialists in the world. From the demand point of view, meaning the customer, Poland as well as the whole Europe is a very attractive market. In our target industries, i.e. financial services, e-commerce, and e-government, we see companies and institutions that are, in many cases, much more developed and more willing to embrace new security solutions than those in the United States.”

The participation in CYBERSEC HUB coordinated by the Kosciuszko Institute is open to Polish and international stakeholders alike.


More information can be found at CYBERSEC HUB


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