There are four main ways to find a job in Poland:

  • Going to a recruitment portal where companies are publishing job offers mostly in Polish language with some exceptions of a few offers in English. This is the case for or platform. There are others platforms specialized in jobs for foreigners where the content is completely in English: you may check Moreover such platforms always offer the opportunity to register an account online and to upload your CV so you can be contacted directly by a company.
  • Another way to find a job is to contact directly headhunters. Even if this practice is not the first one you will think about, it does work. Headhunters are working directly with firms, and they are looking for specifics profiles (language skills, IT experience, etc.).
  • Multinational firms are also developing their own system. Such firms (like HP or IBM) are looking for many different profiles with languages and IT skills. Even if they are using both of the previous solutions, they also have internal job platform. Mostly inside the website of the firm, you can find specific place with open positions. First step is to create an online profile and to apply to the offer that you would like to be hired. Bear in mind that your profile will stay in the HR Database of the firm and you may be contacted for a position different than the one you wanted.
  • The last way to find a job is to use your network. If you know someone or have a friend, who is working in some firms in Poland, don’t hesitate to contact him/her. He/she can easily forward your CV to his/her manager and recommend your application personally.


Just few clicks and you have the opportunity to apply for a job or submit a job offer.

For more information visit: Job-Poland

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