On Saturday evening, May 12, 2018, the Polish brand La Metamorphose, created by two sisters, Ewa Gawkowska and Małgorzata Szczęsna, presented its latest Aqua collection at the Cannes Film Festival 2018 Cocktails and Couture Gala. Among the invited guests from the world of film, fashion or business were  Golshifteh Farahani, Shalinis World, Angelique Monét, Anita Chui, Anastasia Trusova, Korin Avraham.

– Our dreams, passion and many years of persistent work have allowed us to create the La Metamorphose brand. Constant development and the belief that despite the difficulties that we sometimes face, we can reach the stars, led us to this important day in which we had the opportunity to present our latest Aqua collection in this unique, magic place, in the presence of such distinguished guests. It is an honour and a great distinction for us – said Małgorzata Szczęsna right after the show.

During the show, 15 designs were presented. Dresses made of perfectly selected fabrics – chiffon, silk taffeta and French wool, with the classic shape of the cut perfectly highlighted the figures of the models. Spanish lace, Swarovski crystals, floral applications, patterns embroidered with beads, necklaces specially prepared for this collection, and elements made of marabou feathers gave the creations an extraordinary elegance and sensuality.

– Aqua collection is a reflection of our feelings. It is a combination of feminine delicacy, beauty and inner strength with the elegance and classiness of the outfit. The inspiration for creating this collection is a woman who is like a water source – pristine, clean and life-giving. A woman who aspires to realize her plans and dreams, like a mountain stream flowing towards the sea. She can overcome all obstacles, just like water flowing around rocks. She gives life, and without her nothing would exist. She can be energetic, like ocean waves and delicate and calm like the blue surface of the sea. She can also be mysterious and tempting, like a starry lake at night – explains Ewa Gawkowska.

Therefore, the colours of creation consist of blue, white, delicate green, gray, powder pink and purple, reflecting the colour of water in the setting sun. During the movement of the models, silk trains, skirts and scarves gave the impression of gentle waves on the sea, volatility and unusual grace. The show was closed by a black dress made of silk taffeta, lightly lit with Swarovski crystals. Model Marta Pałucka, Vice Miss Poland 2017, looked like a queen of the night. The whole creation was complemented by a beautiful train made of silk chiffon, which was sewn by almost a thousand crystals by hand.

The guests gathered on the yacht awarded the collection with thunderous applause.

– I am very happy that after three years of our friendship and cooperation, which was initiated by La Metamorphose designing my dress for the Miss World 2015 finals in China, we are meeting in such a unique place as Cannes. What’s more, the show took place during the Film Festival, when the eyes of the whole world were turned in this direction. The collection fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the red carpet – it’s phenomenal and extremely feminine. I’m glad that I could participate in this event. I’m always happy to support Polish brands, I feel proud when I see how they are developing. – said Marta Pałucka after the show. It was also an exceptional event because of its location – a 40-metre yacht moored in the harbour, next to the Palace of Festivals. The wonderful landscapes of Cannes were also the backdrop to the photoshoot of the new Aqua collection, which we managed to incorporate. I am enchanted with the collection, so with great pleasure I presented as many as three dresses during the show, of which the most spectacular was the final black gown. – she added.

The organizer and producer of the La Metamorphose show and the Cannes Film Festival 2018 Cocktails and Couture Gala was an American tv station – Planet Fashion TV.



Photo © Michał Kownacki

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