On 21 January 2019 La Metamorphose Gawkowska & Szczęsna presented their latest collection, Eden Gardens, in the Grand Ballroom of the 19th-century Intercontinental Le Grand Hotel located in the very heart of Paris.

Eden Gardens is a story of the gardens of woman’s soul, the harmony between material and spiritual aspects of life, appreciating the good and a desire to share the most beautiful things each of us has in our hearts.

According to our brand’s philosophy, when we prepare new collections we want to show how great and wonderful women are, not only because of their beauty but mainly because of what they have inside. Our previous collection, Aqua, presented a woman as a metaphor of water – the source of life; a woman who, like a river, flows in a specific direction, realising her plans and dreams, achieving her goals. Our latest collection, Eden Gardens, is connected with a woman’s spirituality, her emotionality, sensitivity and delicacy. It’s about opening one’s heart to the events that every day brings and reacting to them. It’s also a kind of metamorphosis of a woman’s whole life and the sense of being – explains Ewa Gawkowska.

On the catwalk arranged in the beautiful interiors of the Grand Ballroom at the Intercontinental Le Grand Hotel models presented 26 dresses made from muslin, silk taffeta and noble wool combined with French laces and hand-sewn beads, Swarovski crystals and custom-made appliques in the shape of flowers and butterflies. By using pastel colours, the designers presented a woman’s world full of different colours and emotions. The show started with a white silk dress matched with a hand-made lace hat, followed by light white tulle dresses with floral patterns, yellow muslin dresses full of sunlight that a woman shines with when she smiles at her kids and a pink dress to wear when a woman is in a romantic mood or in love. The final outfit was a white dress highlighting woman’s beauty and purity. Presenting subsequent outfits, the models transformed and blossomed like flowers and the audience received them with enthusiasm and curiosity.

The Eden Gardens collection demonstrated how wonderfully a woman can mature and change together with experiences and emotions, how she can delight and be constantly rediscovered.

Flowers accompany us throughout our life – they add a special touch, fragrance, positive emotions and joy. A woman is like a flower herself – she blossoms in her femininity, she can emanate with beauty, she can share it with others, she can hypnotise with her scent and she can become reborn and blossom again when the world hurts her and when difficult times come. Against all odds, she is born again – like our gardens blossom every spring – said Małgorzata Szczęsna after the show.

A woman, like a flower bud, constantly changes and blossoms. At first, it’s not evident if, due to different circumstances, the bud will be able to blossom and show itself in its full glory. A woman is also such a mystery – we are born and we slowly bloom thanks to emotions, situations and life experiences. To some extent they determine the direction of our growth and what kind of people (“flowers”) we become and what we will represent – whether we become a beautiful, noble white rose or not – added Ewa Gawkowska.

After last year’s shows in Cannes and Monte Carlo, participation in the Paris Fashion Week is another step in the development of the La Metamorphose brand.

 – Going back to Paris means fulfilling our dreams as well as private and professional goals. It’s a symbolic return to a place where, together with our grandma, we started our adventure with fashion. It was here that, as children, we observed and learned what feminine beauty and elegance were. Now we came back to Paris to tell our story and show this beauty as we, La Metamorphose, interpret it. We are very happy that the audience liked our story so much – Ewa Gawkowska summed up the show.


Photos © Carlo Scarpato/IMAXTREE.COM

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