Not only artists living in Poland can take part in the contest but also Poles living abroad. Last year participants were from Italy, Canada and Great Britain. Organisers invite to participate in an exhibition of foreign artists.

As in previous editions the topic of the contest is related to the incredible history of the town. In 2013 the town Żyrardów became a member of European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH), whose aim is the promotion of the most valuable industrial monuments in Europe. The town is a part of two theme routes: European Route of Textiles and European Route of Industrial Lanscape. The aim of the project is to pay attention to common European industrial heritage and tourist promotion of places connected with history of industry.

At the end of XIX century factory in Żyrardów was the biggest linen factory in Europe. The settlement around the factory gave rise to the town. But there would be no factory, no town, unless technology didn’t develop and some vital inventions weren’t invented.

Contest rules (download PDF version)

The Application form  (download PDF version)

Further information you can find on website of the town Żyrardów in bookmark: “Manufaktura Satyry”.You can see there also galleries of the previous editions of the contest and catalogs.


Photo © Interior view of the Żyrardów mill. The beginning of the 20th century. Photography from the Museum of Western Mazovia in Żyrardow.

Picture © Zbigniew Kołaczek



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