Lodz, not accidentally was chosen as the place of this event. The city is a good illustration to show the changes taking place in Poland and is ideal for the implementation of new ideas. This is where tradition meets modernity – revitalised factories interweave with modern office buildings, while colourful murals, festivals, happenings, and “woonerfs” make it possible to breathe, and show how much is happening here. “Made with Poland” Congress is intended to serve as a platform for sharing knowledge and business experiences for everyone who thinks about Poland and Lodz in particular as a potential market for investments and know-how transfer. The “Made with Poland” slogan perversely refers to a common association with the label saying “Made in…”. “Made with Poland” is an idea and inspiration for investors to come and “do business with the help of Poland”, i.e. in Poland, with Poland, and with Poles.

“Made with Poland” is organised by the Lodz Chamber of Industry and Commerce as part of the 7th European Economic Forum Łódzkie 2014 held by the Marshal’s Office of the Lodz Region. The meeting is going to take place under the patronage of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

Organizers invite representatives of the Polish diaspora from around the world who are considering running business in Poland. This will be a perfect moment to share experiences and exchange business contacts, establish cooperation, learn about incentives for investors, and finally – integrate. During the Congress you will have a chance to meet Poles who have been successful abroad, graduated from the top universities worldwide, as well as actively and effectively integrate Polish communities. Foreigners who have been developing their business in Poland with success are also going to participate in the Congress.


Feel invited: 14th October 2014,  11.00 a.m.- 4.00 p.m., Hotel DoubleTree Hilton, Łodź

Online registration: EFG2014


More information on: VII European Economic Forum in Łódź | FB |Pangea Magazine


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