The guide presents Poland’s regions in terms of active family and culture tourism, providing information on cultural heritage and art treasures, most popular cities and some lesser known areas, as well as today’s big city attractions.

The book is part of a series by Freytag & Berndt, one of the most prestigious Czech publishing houses. Its author, Pavel Trojan, is also a programming expert at the Polish Institute. Thanks to the cooperation between the publisher and the Polish Institute, the guide includes contributions by all province marshals’ offices and many local government authorities, thus supplementing the book with a wealth of interesting photographic material.

On the occasion of the premiere, Neoluxor, the biggest bookshop in Prague, hosted a Polish Day on 1 July. Further events to promote the guide will be taking place in Brno throughout July.


Source: Press Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of PolandPolish Institute in Prague

Photo © Francesco Carovillano


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