The hosts of the Open Eyes Economy Summit argue that Awake Consumers will purchase goods and services from honest, socially responsible and truly needed companies who have their own unique culture resulting from properly defined and credible corporate mission.


Open Eyes Economy is about future-oriented, value- and trust-based approach to doing business. Firm-Idea is a new philosophy of managing a business and its brand. This philosophy involves redefinition of business, its true social sensitivity and usefulness as well as corporate responsibility. These values are treated as the very purpose and point of existence.

Once the values are defined anew, a business will naturally and genuinely win trust of its partners, employees and customers. Profit will be generated only as a consequence of this approach.

Open Eyes Economy Summit Formula

OEES offers a new, refreshed formula of a business conference, not relying on traditional discussion panels. The hosts of the even opt for inspiration sessions, with living case studies from all over the world, and intellectual BATTLES inspired by duels between poets or rappers (the so-called slam battles). In each clash, the opponents will represent the most opposite points of view.


The lecturers include Professor Akiko Okabe – Architect from the Tokyo University, Jennifer Clark – Senior Vice-President of Green and Corporate Community Investment, SKANSKA, José Ignacio Nuño – Director and Founder of Mexican company Suhab, Professor Danuta Hübner – Economist, Member of the European Parliament, Professor Jerzy Hausner – Economist from the Krakow University of Economy, Faith Liddell – Director of the Edinburg Festival, Natalia Hahn – Global Development Manager, Retail & Expansion, IKEA Group, Harm Goossens – Executive Vice-President CEE and Chairman of Unilever CEE, Piotr Voelkel – Entrepreneur, VOX Group, Ana de Palacio – former Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Salvatore Babones – Sociologist from the University in Sidney.


To register for the Summit, go to: OEES 


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