Pangea Network invites you for its 10th international event, which will take place in the sunshine State of Florida from 18th to 21st of February 2016.

Pangea Network Forum is an innovative forum designed for creative and entrepreneurial people that provides an excellent opportunity to connect face to face with professionals from the fields of finance, law, marketing, IT, media, politics as well as scholars, community and business leaders and primarily young executives from all over the world.

Pangea Network Forum speakers are representatives of different countries, cultures and points of view. All of them are experts and authorities in their fields of work or study. Most of them are awards winners and/or recognized for excellence in their respective fields. After each lecture participants have the opportunity ask questions, provide additional input and meet with our speakers during networking sessions. This year’s Forum will also incorporate workshops that focus on specific projects dedicated to strengthen the Polish-American Communities.

This year’s Forum will focus on the challenges that the Polish-American diaspora has to face in the current times and the topics will include:

  • Building relationships and creating Polish influence in the American media
  • Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the Polish-American diaspora.
  • Establishing new vision and goals for the 21st century the Polish-American Communities.
  • Building political strength and influence for Polish-Americans in the upcoming presidential elections.
  • Creating better communication network with the main stream media in Poland.
  • Analyzing the first Polish-American Forum in Rzeszów that will take place in July 2016.
  • Creating better cooperation networks in between young Polish professionals.
  • Discussion on a specific projects that will be conducted by Pangea Network and the organizations in 2016.
  • Working with the United Kingdom the Polish-American Communities and creating global projects and initiatives.

The Forum is limited to 50 people in order to keep it intimate, efficient and beneficial for the participants
age: from 20 to 45 years old. Young, professionals active people with a wide range of passions and interests.

The registration is open until Wednesday February 17, 2016 on: Pangea Forum in Miami

Save the date and book your tickets!


For more detailed programme and the list of speakers, please visit: FB event

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