This year’s theme is SUCCESS. We will celebrate SUCCESS in various areas of life including science, business, culture, art & design. During the two-day meeting thirty speakers will share their extraordinary and inspiring achievements. The aim of the 360 Forum is to present people full of passion, entrepreneurial, people who successfully convert their dreams into great projects. Come to the 360 Forum if you want to learn how to accurately set your goals and motivate yourself and others to achieve them. The event will provide a unique opportunity to promote your business. The conference will be a combination of active networking and educational panels. It is aimed primarily at young people, those with interesting ideas, those who belive they can change the world, but also, as it has been the case in the past, our events tend to attract a valuable audience of successful entrepreneurs.

On both days of the conferent, the program will start at noon. (12-13 June 2014). Special evening attractions and activities will be provided after 7.30 pm.

Registration for the event will be conducted online at: 360 Forum website. Participation in the conference is paid. Tickets are 40 PLN, with discounted student participation at  20 PLN.

The organizing committee includes the City of Lublin.

Partnering organizations include Employers of Poland and The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ).

Media patronage for the event will be provided by TVP, TVP Lublin, Polish Radio 3 Program, Radio Lublin, Radio Freee, Gazeta Wyborcza Lublin, LinktoPoland, Pangea Magazine, NPortal.


More information on: 360 Forum website


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