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How can companies effectively use the potential of social media? This is the question that intrigued the participants of the five-hour training session, led by the Co-founder of Link to Poland, Mariusz Soltanifar.  The training was dominated by Polish entrepreneurial women who have acquired new knowledge and skills, including:

  • How to effectively use the potential of social media?
  • How to effectively place content to attract customers’ attention?
  • How to deal with dissatisfied customers?
  • How to measure the effectiveness of actions taken on social media?
  • Why is the marketing and presence of the company on social media so important to ensure market position?

We hope that the knowledge and practical tips provided will increase sales, gain new customers and strengthen the company’s image.

What distinguished this training from other trainings?
  • Practical implementation
  • Small group
  • Good location
  • A professional lecturer with many years of business and academic experience
  • A friendly atmosphere.

Who led the training? 

Mariusz Soltanifar

LinkedIn Profile

The Co-Founder of Link to Poland, a portal for Poles living abroad and for foreigners interested in Poland, is an expert on entrepreneurship and innovation. He has authored several articles related to entrepreneurship, marketing and innovation, lectured at many foreign universities (including in South Korea and Switzerland), and is an academic teacher in the field of business and marketing at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, as well as a researcher at the Rijksuniversiteit in Groningen. On social media, he is the administrator of several of the largest groups for Poles in the Netherlands on Facebook. Passionate traveler.


Hungry for knowledge? Apply for the next training today!

The next training session will be about the marketing plan and will be held on June 30, 2018. Details will be provided soon on Link to Poland and TNP Fiscaaladvies.

Organisation and coordination of the training: Luiza Norowska: luiza.norowska@tnpfiscaal.nl


Customised training for your company?

For customised training in the field of marketing, please contact directly: mariusz.soltanifar@linktopoland.com



Photo © Sandra Garstka


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