The aim of the competition is to select the best products, services, municipalities and innovations whose quality, technology and functionality makes them stand out on the market.

The awards will be presented in three categories: best products and services, best municipalities and best innovative projects. The laureates will be selected by “Teraz Polska” Emblem Chapter consisting of 30 representatives of social, economic, academic and cultural life.

Until now the Emblem has been granted to 370 products, 122 services, 16 innovations and 51 local authorities. Among the winners there are representatives of different sectors, including medical, insurance, tourism, construction and FMCG. These are both small family businesses as well as large companies that offer their products and services on international markets. The laureates include municipality of Kraków, Trzebnica, Białystok, Piła, Władysławowo, Zakopane, Lesznowola as well as such companies as Fakro, Spółdzielnia Lazur, Blachy Pruszyński, Bank PeKaO S.A., Orlen Oil, Zakłady Chemiczne Police, Floslek, Befado, Oknoplast, Sokołów S.A., Hodowla Roślin Strzelce and Nalewki Staropolskie.

Everyone interested in entering the competition should send a registration form to “Teraz Polska” Competition Bureau and submit documents based on the verification questionnaire by 31st January 2014.


For more information about the competition, please, visit website of the Foundation of the Polish Promotional Emblem „Teraz Polska”.



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