Welcome Festival 2013 – The First International Festival of Place Marketing Warszawa, 24-25 June 2013

WELCOME FESTIVAL 2013 is an event dedicated to the sustainable development of cities and regions. A unique place and an unique opportunity to exchange experiences and to popularize knowledge about economic management of places and place marketing, which brings undeniable benefits for cities and regions, and indicates trends and tools for continuous improvement of the quality of life for their overlords.



– 300 participants from home and abroad

– Two days of presentations and panel discussions, including:

– Presidential debate

– Results of the study “The barometer of the brand of place”

– Seminar on effective communication of cities and regions in media

– Presentations of case studies of international experts and practitioners

– The results of the Welcome contest

– Gala and awards ceremony



– Representatives of the local administration (central and local government organizations) responsible for the development, investment and promotion

– Representatives of the institutions responsible for investment, tourism development and building a strong brand of Poland

– Marketing and communications experts

– Media representatives of regional and national organizations

– Consulting firms and organizations

– Representatives of economic universities

– Investors


The second edition of the prestigious competition WELCOME for the most effective project  building brand of place.

The jury headed by Leszek Stafiej will appreciate especially:


– a partnership in the implementation of project,

– impact of the project on the development of the region,

– creativity and innovation of project

– ways of achieving the goal,

– selection of effective means of communication,

– the degree of project implementation measured by comparing the goals set before the start of operations with the results obtained after its implementation.


“Welcome to the First International Festival of Place Marketing Welcome Festival, whose second edition will be held in June 24-25 in Warsaw. I invite all members of the Trinity: business, government, and science, who created public projects

for urban communities or other regional communities, where they live and would like to show them off, would like to share their opinions and experiences from their preparation and implementation. You are cordially invited to visit, see you soon.” /Leszek Stafiej, chairman of the Welcome contest jury/


More information: Welcome Festival 2013


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