The European Festival of Flavours in Lublin offers savour, delights, enchantment and inspiration, with irresistible concerts, stage shows, exhibitions, theatre, literature and photography. In Lublin’s Old Town this year, you will encounter Katie Melua, Mela Koteluk, Georgian winemakers, Peter Bikont of Teatr Badów, itinerant puppeteers from Wrocław, klezmers from Israel, trumpeters from Macedonia, Haidamaky from Ukraine, and chefs from around the world. The European Festival of Flavours overturns the traditional order of Lublin festivals, taking by storm the culinary festival scene in Poland. Lublin inspires you to savour life!

The Festival develops a creative mix of food, music and the arts. On stage, bands from Israel, Ukraine and Macedonia will also perform. The Haidamaky and Rokiczanka promise an interesting joint concert between the Ukrainian and Lublin folk bands, which will take place as the result of a partnership between the festivals in Lviv and Lublin.

Waldemar Sulisz, festival director, said: “The aim of the 7th edition of the Festival of Flavours is to introduce Poland to the tastes of Georgia, the country chose most frequently by Poles for holidays, and as a dream destination. The dream is to free up time, release the mind and relish life”. This 7th edition of the festival spans five days, and includes 100 events with gusto. It includes the attractive cuisine and culture of Georgia, art, an inspirational fair (featuring 100 exhibitors from Europe), and the Taste of Georgia Village, at Brama Krakowska.

It is worth emphasising the dozens of workshops and culinary demonstrations, such as the Jem Teatra culinary spectacle inspired by Ryszard Kapuscinski’s essay Kirghiz Dismounts, exhibitions and photography workshops, the Leica open day, the recreation of the sixteenth century fish market at Plac Rybny, the castle gardens, and the exhibition and market in the Lublin Museum castle courtyard. Workshops on good business practices are a new feature to the festival, as are the first Polish culinary demonstrations to DJ mixes. The Trade with Taste culinary demonstrations will present examples of good business practices in the Lublin region.

The European Festival of Flavours excels in showcasing Lublin’s multiculturalism and culinary heritage. It is also the largest culinary festival in the region, which features a unique combination of cultural events drawn from the tradition of Lublin cuisine. This is a great opportunity to rest and get to know Lublin’s many charms. The organisers want guests pause for a moment, relax and absorb the flavours and aromas surrounding them.

You are invited!


Katie Melua and Mela Koteluk perform at Lublin Arena on Thursday, September 3. The concert will begin at 8.00 p.m. Tickets are available at


The festival organisers are the Kresowa Academy of Taste Association, the city of Lublin and Lublin province. The partner MOSiR Bystrica is the main organiser of the Katie Melua concert at Lublin Arena.

The festival is held under the patronage of the Minister of Culture of Georgia and in partnership with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw. Media patrons include:, National Geographic and Link to Poland.


Photo © Jacek Świerczyński

More information on: Festival Website | Katie Melua tickets | FB | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

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