What is Wolves Summit

Wolves Summit is an international conference for innovative tech startups, investors, corporations, SMBs and developers. It’s an event, where innovation and technology meet business. Since its first edition in April 2015 it has gained significant popularity in Poland and abroad and has become one of the most important and biggest startup events in Europe. The 4th edition takes place in Warsaw, Poland on 25-26th October.

Networking on a new level

Prescheduled one-to-one meetings between startups, investors, companies and developers are core at Wolves Summit. 3028 were held only during the third edition in April 2016 and the organizers plan to have 4000 or more later this year. Apart from these meetings there’s room for informal networking in the space provided within the venue and at evening events. It’s a unique opportunity to expand the contacts network and meet people, who might be valuable for business development.

The case of young startups

In short, the upcoming October edition offers even more in terms of networking and growth opportunities. 350 startups will join and have the chance to win $100 000 in the Great Pitch competition for companies at an early stage of development. It’s formula is based on 3minute startup presentations with a series of questions from investors afterwards. All young companies, however, can find investment for further developing thanks to many networking activities, including 1:1 meetings.

Experience always matters

The Great Pitch also provides options for experienced startups. They have a Media Package to win, which will most definitely boost the brand’s visibility in international media and the participation of 250 investors, 300 managers, board members and directors as well as 2000+ potential clients makes Wolves Summit a perfect spot for establishing new business relations and finding hundreds of new clients.

Startup & Investor Day

350+ startups and 250+ investors are getting an extra day on 24th October to meet each other and network in favourable conditions. People seeking investment opportunities will be able to watch and evaluate pitches of startups competing in the Great Pitch competition and startups will have the time to attend scheduled one-to-one meetings with potential investors.

More than networking

Corporate Challenge is a new formula at the event. Depending on companies’ profiles, Wolves Summit recruits startups, which bring the most value and are tailored to particular organization’s needs. World experts will share their knowledge during inspiring lectures, panels and workshops, so that all 2500 participants can learn more about business development, technology, startup community and innovation.

For more information and participation opportunities please visit the Wolves Summit website.


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